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Nobunto flyer 2016
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nobunto Fair Trade Policies
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Fair Trade monitoring report 2016
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Burning instructions

In order to prolong the enjoyment of your unique candles, please take note of the following instructions.

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Clearance certificate

Our colours contain no carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxics substances.

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The European Fair Trade Association – EFTA is an association of nine Fair Trade importers in eight European countries. EFTA was established informally in 1987 by some of the oldest and largest Fair Trade importers. It gained formal status in 1990 and today it plays a key role in harmonizing and coordination of activities of Fair Trade.

Fairtrade is an ethical certification, which certifies product supply chains; it is also a powerful tool consumers all over the world use to change the world every day and for businesses to become more sustainable and access markets locally and internationally.

Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA) is established in 2009 as the 1st National Fairtrade Organisation in the developing South. For the first time in the history of Fairtrade, a producing country is actively promoting Fairtrade in the local market and working on fostering South-South trade on Fairtrade principles.

The Fair for Life Social & Fair Trade Certification Programme offers operators of socially responsible projects a brand neutral third party inspection and certification in production, manufacturing and trading. It combines strict social and Fair Trade standards with adaptability to local conditions.

Fair Trade Tourism is a NGO which is leading the way forward in the development of sustainable and responsible tourism in southern Africa and beyond. It grows awareness about for responsible tourism to travellers, assisting tourism businesses to operate more sustainably and facilitating a certification programme.