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Hand painted Candles from South Africa

NOBUNTO is a South African Fair Trade manufacturer and creates high quality handcrafted products, like upcycled sculptures, hand-painted candles, handcrafted necklaces and hand-painted ceramics with the utmost attention to detail using mainly African inspired designs. NOBUNTO products are responsibly handmade with love and care for our customers, artisans and the environment.

Based in the rural Overberg region on the Western Cape Province, about 190 km east of Cape Town, where the unemployment rate is in the region of 50%, here has NOBUNTO provided employment to mostly women of this disadvantaged community and guarantees a FAIR income above average for our employees.

The word NOBUNTO comes from the Sotho language, meaning “For the people“.

Our company name, as well as our logo with four intertwined hands, reflects our motivation and spirit:


Community, Cooperation,


Global Harmony,

Helping Hands,


People, Teamwork and Fair Trade.

NOBUNTO works and operates daily in accordance with the Principles of Fair Trade with relation to, amongst others, Dialogue, Transparency, Respect and Sustainability.

Our mission is, in a region with high unemployment, to alleviate poverty, not only through development of industry but to be socially, ethically, and sustainably responsible. Our vision is to preserve and use traditional artisanal skills through combining high quality materials with Fair Trade working practices.

On the initiative of a European partner we were in 2012 over 4 days assessed by an EFTA member. The EFTA (European Fair Trade Association) is an association of nine Fair Trade importers in eight European countries. Through this assessment, many of our efforts and experiences have been positively confirmed.

Over the last years we were regularly audited by accredited FAIR TRADE auditors from several organisations.

NOBUNTO is sensitive and responsible with regard to our environment. Wherever possible, we make use of recycling, use sustainable resources and make environmentally conscious decisions.

Please feel free to visit us - you are most welcome.

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